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About Us

Hippie Culture Clothing Co. is about everyone coming together as one. Seeing the beauty in each others differences and using them as strength to stand together to create a better world. Overcoming our differences, respecting each others values and way of being. We are all one race and that is the human race and we should learn to accept one another no matter the religion, race, gender, political views, etc. Together we can make a difference one individual at a time.

Founded on June 16th, 2008 Hippie Culture was created by a group of friends of different backgrounds seeing the world struggle through our indifference and came together to use our influence to help create a better world. Going through our own struggles while trying to help the world we realized that in order to create a better world together it was going to take us changing ourselves so that we could inspire others.

Together we can make a change through our individual actions. Helping in Producing Peaceful Individual Existence.